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Why Your Condo & Work Building Needs Professional Cleaning Services

Cleanliness in condo and commercial buildings has become a large concern over the past few years. We understand common areas are high traffic areas, especially in the GTA and with buildings getting larger with more residences. This is why we spend a lot of time working multiple times a week in your condo’s common areas.

With many more people going back to work, we also make sure that your office building or unit is clean and safe.

Did you know that almost 10% of staff believes their health has been compromised by poor workplace hygiene? Which solidifies why management and ownership should always make cleaning their work space a priority. Encourage your team to play their part for improve office cleanliness. Let your staff know why it is important to clean desks weekly, discourage food at desks and of course, wash hands regularly.

Do you remember exactly what was agreed in the cleaning contract? Some of the most bacteria infested places in an office are strangely enough forgotten in the cleaning contract. Maybe it’s time to evaluate your contract. Does it still meet your needs? Is the cleaning crew doing their part to help maintain these dirty areas? Are these surface areas in your contract to begin with? Companies that make the well-being of employees a priority have lower absenteeism rates, increased productivity and lower staff turnover.

BellRose Janitorial Services has quickly grown to become one of the GTA’s most trusted residential and commercial cleaning companies.



We take responsibility to using environmentally friendly cleaning products to minimize waste. Our steam detailing and steam disinfecting technology enables deep cleaning that clean.

BellRose offers green, ecologically-friendly office and residential cleaning services which adhere to government policies. In order to minimize waste, chemical runoff, and our company’s impact on the environment we use eco-based products, non-toxic and biodegradable chemicals. We strive to pioneer new methods which offer effective cleaning with minimal negative impact by offering a full array of green cleaning services for condos, homes, offices, commercial areas, and objects as well as refreshes the atmosphere in your commercial space.

The Government of Canada and Ontario has continued to released new safety measures and guidelines to not only keep yourself safe but also your building sanitary. BellRose Maintenance and Cleaning Services is following the Government of Ontario’s Health and Safety Guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your home and office. With these strict safety measures, we know it is important to maintain and disinfect many surfaces that may be overlooked. In conjunction with the Government protocols, we follow all of the guidelines.

We are able to fulfill your maintenance needs throughout an entire residential or commercial building. Many of our cleaning services include but are not limited to:

Many of our cleaning services include but are not limited to:

o Lobbies o Vestibule o Mail room o Kitchen o Dining room o Washrooms o Coffee bar o Chess room o Billiard room o Sunroom o Music room o Yoga room o Carpet on the second floor o Elevator Cabs o Elevator Lobby o Multi – purpose room o Washrooms o Change rooms o Exercise room o Pool deck o Sweep & clean front door entrances o Pick up litter/garbage & empty garbage containers o Clean kitchen, countertops, sink, faucets and cabinets o Clean and disinfect washroom sinks, vanity, toilet, walls and accessories o Sweep, mop and clean all the floor areas o Vacuum all the carpet runners o Dust/clean all the exercise equipment o Sweep, mop and clean all the floor areas o Vacuum all the carpet runners (when in place) o Pick up litter/garbage & empty garbage containers

BellRose offers premier janitorial and maintenance services to a wide range of residential and commercial building. Bellrose Janitorial is fully insured with a highly trained team that always gets the job done right and on time. BellRose offers more than just janitorial and maintenance services. We have a team of highly trained professionals to help you with live in and live out Superintendent Services. The Superintendent is accountable to the site Operations Manager, subject to the direction and guidance of senior Management Company personnel.

BellRose offers flexible scheduling when it comes to our cleaning and janitorial services. Whether your requirement is regular daily office cleaning or one-time post-construction cleanup, we are ready to undertake the cleaning service big or small.

  • Regular Cleaning Services

  • Superintendent Services

  • Post-Construction Cleaning

  • Property Maintenance

  • And many other services

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