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How To Choose The Right Cleaning Company In Toronto

The cleanliness of a company speaks volumes about its work ethic, professionalism, and commitment to excellence. Therefore, it’s vital to choose a company that won’t skimp when it comes to quality, and attention to detail. With that in mind, it can be difficult to know how to choose the right cleaning company, especially with so much competition in the space.

At BellRose Janitorial Services, we believe that compromise simply isn’t an option. After all, the quality of our work reflects directly on the reputation of your brand image and status, which is why we go way (and we do mean “way”) beyond the extra mile, for the benefit of our clients. Read along as we provide you with some tips on how to make the right decision when it comes to cleaning services in Toronto.


A great cleaning company needs to be legit. That is to say, they should hold all the certifications necessary to be considered a proper cleaning company capable of delivering the goods. This doesn’t just include proper training and experience. It also involves acquiring the appropriate Occupational Health & Safety certifications, as well as other certificates for specific equipment and cleaning jobs.

While simply holding these certifications may not be enough to guarantee a job well done, they do set a precedent from which to judge a cleaning company’s potential. If the certifications are present, but the online reviews are bad, then you’ll know to look elsewhere. However, hiring a fully certified cleaning company with an excellent reputation means half the search is already over.


One common mistake companies make is believing that every cleaning company is capable of providing the same set of services. It’s important that you choose a cleaning company that has experience with your particular industry. For instance, cleaning a restaurant requires an entirely different set of equipment, techniques, and adherence to bylaws and codes than say, a warehouse cleaning contract.

At BellRose, we believe that diversifying our experience across multiple industries is a surefire path to helping more companies with their cleaning needs. If you’re unsure about whether we can handle a cleaning job that pertains to your particular industry, please contact us directly. Otherwise, bear this tip in mind before even thinking about skimming through the search results page.


Always be sure to ask any questions you feel are appropriate when selecting your cleaning service company. The best ones will take the time necessary to explain everything in a clear, consistent, and transparent manner. Unsure about the training requirements each company puts into place? Make sure to speak up, and demand a satisfactory answer! Need further clarification on quoting and billing policies? Don’t settle for half-answers.

We have always believed that commitment to customer satisfaction begins at the very moment of contact with a potential client. So, go ahead and ask us anything. We won’t feel right until your questions are answered, and we have nothing to hide. It’s our job to put your mind at ease so that when our team does show up to your company’s location, you feel confident that we’ll do a great job.


As with all business expenses, it’s always wise to stick within your budget, so make sure to deal with a cleaning service company that is willing to understand your situation, and work with you. The fees ought to fit your respective maintenance budget, but if the final quote is a bit tight, try to work with the company to determine pricing flexibility, or whether a particular cleaning service can be omitted at that point in time.

When it comes to quality, demand the best. Make sure to read online reviews for word-of-mouth testimonials that will shine some light onto the level of quality that a cleaning service company puts forth. If there’s a consistent pattern of customer satisfaction, then you know the answer. The best cleaning companies know what to look for, which means their standards for excellence should far exceed your own.


It may not seem like a concern, but determining the flexibility of a cleaning service company is absolutely paramount when making sure they’re a good fit for your business. Not all cleaning companies operate the same way, have the same manpower at hand, or are available at the times you’d prefer. Make sure to ask a lot of questions here, such as:

• Can you handle cleaning an office or workspace of our particular size?

• What kind of workplaces does your company normally clean?

• How flexible is your cleaning schedule, and can it work effectively around our hours of operation?

• How far in advance do we need to book cleaning services?

• Do you provide detailed cleaning plans that we can see for ourselves?

Remember, the more questions you ask, the greater the clarity of your decision. Flexibility is a key component of a great cleaning service company, and we here at BellRose understand the need for it. We always work with our clients to determine the most optimal strategy for tackling cleaning jobs both large, and small, so that you can focus on growing your business without hassle.


So, there you have it - our quick step guide to choosing the right cleaning service company! As always, communication is a vital component, and we’ve made that a central philosophy here at BellRose Janitorial Services.

Are you ready to choose your next cleaning service company? Have we impressed you with our shared knowledge and passionate dedication to great quality and customer satisfaction? If you’re still undecided, we’d like to speak to you directly, so please contact us. We’ll make sure to ease your concerns, answer all your questions, and provide a level of cleaning quality that will wow your guests, thrill your employees, and make your company name sparkle!

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